Other HMGS Chapters

HMGS, Inc (East)

John Drye (President), 6056 Estates Drive, Alexandria, VA 22311, Email [email protected].
Frank Preziosa (Executive Vice President), PO Box 213, Hainesport, NJ 08036, Email [email protected].
Mike Fijalka (Secretary), 1602 Belle View Blvd # 615, Alexandria, VA  22307-6531, Email [email protected]

HMGS Great Lakes

John Lawitzke, President, Email is [email protected].

Mike Demana, Newsletter Editor, 1277 Bryson Rd, Columbus, OH 43224, E-mail: [email protected]
Webpage at http://www.hmgsgl.org

HMGS Gulf South

Hilton McManus, Chapter POC, 6612 Colbert St, New Orleans, LA 70124, Phone/Email (540) 486-5340/ [email protected]

Yahoo Group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bayouwars/

HMGS Heart of America

Brian Beal, Chapter POC, PO Box 216, White City, KS 66872, phone/Email (785) 466-6520/ [email protected].
Chapter Website at http://www.hahmgs.org

 HMGS Mid South

Bob Duncan, President HMGS Midsouth, 609 West Seventh Street, Columbia, TN  38401, Phone/Email (931) 381-1500/ [email protected] .

HMGS MidSouth

Board of Directors: [email protected]
Membership: [email protected]
NASHCON contact: [email protected]

Webpage at http://www.hmgs-midsouth.org.

HMGS Mid West

Steve Fratt Ph.D. – President [email protected]
Paul Dayton – Treasurer [email protected]
Kevin Cabai – Membership Vice President [email protected]
David M. Ensteness – Secretary [email protected].

Webpage at http://www.hmgsmidwest.com

HMGS Pacific NorthWest

Bryan Shein President, phone/Email (235) 445-4992/ [email protected] .
Michael Koznarsky, Newsletter Editor phone/Email (253) 495-0232/[email protected].
Webpage  http://www.nhmgs.org/

HMGS South

Martin Schmidt, President & Chapter POC, Email at [email protected]
Raymond Philips, Newsletter Editor, Email [email protected]
Webpage at http://hmgs-south.com/

HMGS Tornado Alley

Jeff Lawrence, Chapter POC, 2806 Speedway Ave, Wichita Falls, Texas 76308, Phone/Email (940) 767-3699 (message only)/ [email protected]
Note. The status of this Chapter is uncertain.


Raymond (Ray) James Jackson, 224 Cedar Avenue, Atwater, CA 95301-4454, Phone/Email (209) 358-8510/ [email protected]