Souvenir Miniature

“Captain Keennon”
(In honor of the late Tim Keennon)

Sculptor:Faron Betchley
Faron Betchley is a well known sculptor of gaming miniatures of all types and eras. His service in the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne Division and love of history inspired him to produce our ready-for-everything “kitchen sink” equipped G.I. This inaugural souvenir miniature will make a great addition to every collection.
Casting: Al Maurer Askari Miniatures, Colorado, USA

To get your very own “Captain Keennon” all you have to do is be a dues paying member of the HMGS-PSW and attend our Mini-Wars 2017 game convention.
Sharp eyed players will notice that “Captain Keenon” come equipped with the WWII version of your cell phone. He has a homing pigeon, typewriter, map case, radio and many other interesting items. Some of these he found as he scrambled around Normandy searching for his lost platoon members. The combination knife, brass knuckles taped to the Thompson was patterned after the one shown in the historical photograph.