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Historical Miniatures Gaming Society—Pacific Southwest Chapter


Bolt-Action-Sherman.jpgHMGS-PSW chapter is a non-profit organization whose main purpose is to promote historical wargaming and the study of military history. Our territory covers Southern California as well as all of Arizona and Nevada. We host two conventions of our own each year: Winter Campaign in February, and Fall Campaign in October. In between our conventions, we attend major Southern California conventions and sponsor informal game days at local hobby game stores

Mini-Wars 2017 at CSUF – September 30th and October 1st

This years Fall Campaign – Mini-Wars 2017 will be in the Portolla Pavilion at Cal State University Fullerton. The dates are Saturday, September 30th from 9:00AM until 10:00PM and Sunday, October 1st. from 9:00AM until 9:00PM  At 3,623 s.f., we will have a lot of room to set up games, and two days in which to play them. The convention will be held in Room C of the Pavilion. The same Saturday, the International Plastic Modelers Society will host their Orange Con in room A. On Saturday afternoon they will close room A for three hours of Model Judging. We figure that a substantial number of their attendees will want to see what we are doing two doors down. Space B will be the vendors area filled with people who sell stuff we might like. There will be plenty of room to add our traditional vendors. Given the attendance anticipated for both events, we are hoping that we draw out even more vendors. There are additional meeting rooms in the student center for lecturers and special demonstrations. Please contact Kevin Rounsaville to schedule a game table and time.

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Events List for Mini-Wars 2017

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HMGS-PSW Mini-Wars 2017

The Marriot Hotel is the closest to the convention. The Titan Student Union Building is just a short walk through the campus. We arranged for a special room rate for those attending the convention. The special pricing expired 9/8/2017! Make sure and reserve early for Mini-Wars 2018.