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Historical Miniatures Gaming Society—Pacific Southwest Chapter


Bolt-Action-Sherman.jpgHMGS-PSW chapter is a non-profit organization whose main purpose is to promote historical wargaming and the study of military history. Our territory covers Southern California as well as all of Arizona and Nevada. We host two conventions of our own each year: Spring Campaign in April, and Fall Campaign in October.  We always have a strong presence at OrcCon on President’s Day Weekend.  In between our conventions, we attend major Southern California conventions and sponsor informal game days at local hobby game stores.

We always get a big group together at OrcCon and this year will be no different. When registering your game please add “HMGS-PSW” at the front of the name, wear your shirt and have some flyers and membership applications ready. 

This years Spring Campaign will be held at Kingdom Con in San Diego. This will give us an opportunity to  play in some games and meet more players in the Pacific Southwest. 

Here is a link to their miniatures events from last year. We can bet that 2018 will be better!
Kingdom Con Miniatures Event List